Speaker Topics

“How to Broadcast Success”

Dave capitalizes on his wealth of experience in broadcasting to inspire his audience with the notion that we are all broadcasters. We send out signals everyday. The message we send is the difference between success and failure. This is an entertaining, funny and insightful message that appeals to all audiences. Also great for a possible breakout session!

“The Dale Dynamic”

Dave takes a hard look at a former boss, Dale McCoy, and dissects what made him such a great leader. This is a four-part program designed to inspire the leaders of today and tomorrow.

“Driving From Here to Wow!”

Dave tells tales from his life on a road covering sports across the nation. This is an often-hilarious ride that will leave your audience both entertained and inspired.

Satisfied Clients:

Federal Home Loan Bank
Edward Jones
Kansas Contractors Association
Phillips 66
State Farm
Love Box
Greeley Chamber of Commerce
University of Kansas
Iowa State University
Air Force Academy
Big 12 Conference
Kansas City Athletic Club
Colorado Rockies
Kansas City Royals
Boston Red Sox
National Center for the Disabled